Coming Soon to a Beer Near You!

Using the traditional, black locust post design, we have created a landscape that is both agriculturally sound, and visually stunning. Surreal by design, a walk through a hops yard can be sensory overload as green giants immerse you in an aroma of what can only be described as, "Margaritaville." We look forward to giving you the tour!

We welcome everyone in the community interested in learning more about hops growing and the hop yard building process to reach out to us. We will post updates about our experiences throughout our journey on Facebook, so be sure to like our page here!  

Cascades, Centennial & Chinook

While not the traditional "3 C's," these are the three varieties that we have chosen to grow here on The Farm. Cascades have a flowery and spicy, citrus-like quality with a slight grapefruit characteristic, and are used in: Pale Ale's IPA's and Porters. Centennial hops are often referred to as the "Super Cascade" with their strong citrus aromas and are used in IPA's and Ales, and the Chinook hops known for its slightly spicy and piney aroma, is used in most all beer varieties, including Lagers and Pale Ale's. 

In addition to the 3 C's, we also plan on experimenting with neomexicanus hops and hope to create hoppy goodness that will be signature to our Hop Yard!