WHY WE ARE EXCITED: When you have the opportunity to nail down booking one really, really good band that you know is a winner, you count your blessings. But, when that oh, so rare opportunity comes along and you book two amazing acts the same night, you kneel down and start questioning who you've just made a deal with....

CHECK THIS SHOW OUT IF YOU LIKE: Ol' School Country & Contemporary, but Clapton-like Blues and Rock & Roll.

WHY YOU SHOULD COME: Karen Jonas, comes to us from NOVA, and brings with her an old school, country-swagger blues sound that is so sultry and nostalgic, you may just drift off and question whether you're on the set of some new hipster movie. Revelator Hill, will snap you back with their heavy-hitting, unmistakable contemporary blues sound as front man and master guitarist, Bobby Thompson, leads the journey.


FOOD TRUCKS: Dawg Gone Wingz! 

TICKETS: $15 Doors open at 7pm, Music at 8pm.  18+
In the event of inclement weather, show is subject to cancellation. Check our site & Facebook for notifications.