Hello there, and thanks for taking the time to read our blog! Having never blogged before, I am hoping that this turns into a cathartic, weekly experience both beneficial and entertaining to the reader.

People ask me all the time what exactly it is that we do here at The Farm. Some folks are under the notion that we host crazy parties and bring in live music to the Alleghany Highlands, and some people know us better for being a wedding venue. And, then there are others that have no clue whatsoever that we host any type of event at The Farm, and associate us only with hops growing and the massive black locust poles that are seemingly growing out of our back field. 
For the longest time, I didn't know how to answer the question of what we do here. Initially, I would get flooded with excitement and gush out some sloppy, tongue-tied version, only to be met with raised eyebrows, and a "Good luck with that.”  It was a challenge, because well, we do all of these things, and quite frankly, our business is still young and taking shape. I feel confident that I have finally formulated a condensed version, which flows much more eloquently from the lips, and here it is: “The Farm at Glen Haven, is a boutique hops farm and event venue in southwestern Virginia.”
Whew! That wasn’t hard, what took me so long?

Our end goal is to open up a brewery in Alleghany County, Virginia, serving up farm to pint goodness, but for now we are working on branding ourselves as a Hops Farm and Event Venue. It all sounds very exciting on paper and in conversation, but the reality is that it can be very discouraging at times. On some levels the outpour of community support has been fantastic, but at times it feels as though our own neighbors don’t know when we are hosting a concert. One would think that word would spread quickly in such a small-town community, but the truth is, a lot of people in Alleghany County still don’t know that we are here.  

And so we trudge forward with our freak flags flying, because we have faith in the process. So, if you have not yet liked us yet on Facebook, shoot on over and give us some love. And, if you have had the opportunity to come to one of our events, drop us a review & tell your friends. Our next event, is “Brew Year’s Eve,” this December 31st, and we hope to see you there! For more information, visit our Events page Here!