Since my first blog post last week, a lot has happened! I have received emails from a few breweries and people curious about our Hops project, I have received emails regarding the 2018 Homecoming Festival line-up, and I have received some inquiries about 2018 wedding availability. I am going to chalk it up as a successful week- and, for that, I am grateful!

People always ask me if I am a native of Alleghany County, and the answer is, no. In a nutshell, my family moved to the Clifton Forge area and bought “Glen Haven Farm,” in the early 90’s. For sake of reference, I started school here my sophomore year, and graduated from AHS in 1996. Post high school, I served a brief tenure at a North Carolina college and shortly thereafter reintegrated back into the work force. My journeys took me all over the world, and eventually led me back to sweet, Virginia.

In 2007, I unexpectedly lost the man who raised me. Naturally, I was devastated & heart-broken, and I never thought that The Farm, or “coming home,” would ever be the same again after my father’s passing. But, it was the resounding beacon that called me back to Alleghany, and for that I am grateful; it feels good to be home.

We all know that Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and rejoice, but like me, some folks have a challenging time during the holidays. Regardless of the circumstance or distance, a lot of people can’t be with their loved ones, and the distance makes the heart heavy. It is during these times that we need a little more comfort, and like a proper southern girl, I comfort with food. Its’ never too late to make just one more dish for your Thanksgiving feast, and if there is just one more to make the docket, one of these is your ticket. May each of us remember the good times, hold our loved ones close, and count our blessings.

Cheers & Happy Thanksgiving!

For the Savory Fix

Glen Haven Thanksgiving Casserole
(Celery haters- don't worry, you won’t even know.)

(1) Can of White Shoepeg Corn (Drained)
(1) Can of French Green Beans (Drained)
½ Cup Diced Celery
½ Cup Diced Green Pepper
½ Cup of Diced Onion
½-1 Cup of Grated Sharp Cheddar Cheese (We always add a little more than just ½ cup)
½ Cup of Sour Cream (Small container)
1 Can Cream of Celery Soup
Salt & Pepper to Taste

Hand mix the above ingredients together in a large mixing bowl. Grease or spray casserole dish with Pam, or lining of choice, and then in a separate mixing bowl, add one small box of crushed Cheezit’s and 1 small pack of slivered almonds. Stir in 1 stick of melted butter by hand, and toss until your topping is coated. Pour casserole mixture into dish and then top with crust mixture. Bake at 300, or 325 degrees for 30-45 minutes until bubbling. Allow casserole to cool so you don’t burn the roof of your mouth like me (every time) and then serve it up! 

For the Sweet Fix

Glen Haven 24 Hour Salad
(Make 1 Day in Advance.)

(2) Cans of Pineapple Tidbits (Drained)
(1) lb Bag of Marshmallows (miniature)
¼ lb Almonds (Slivered or Chopped. Feel free to omit, or add more/less as desired) * Toast em! But, watch them closely, or they will burn. For real though.
(1) Pint of Whipping Cream

¾ Cup of Milk
(6) Egg Yolks
(3) Tablespoon Vinegar
(3) Tablespoon Sugar
(1) Tablespoon flour
(1) Teaspoon Salt

Add dressing ingredients to a double boiler and cook until thick, and then set aside and let cool. While dressing is cooling, pour whipping cream into a mixing bowl and beat it with a blender until stiff and full of air. When you think you have beat it enough, beat is again. When you have finally killed the cream and your dressing is properly cooled, find a large mixing bowl, or serving dish (with lid) and hand mix your dressing, marshmallows, pineapple, and almonds while folding in the whipping cream. After you have tasted this illegal concoction put a lid on in, stick it in the fridge, and do your best to stay out of it until the next day. Enjoy!